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Improve health care institutions to improve the standard of health worldwide
The Alsalaam Medical Center is a private diagnostic center with a full range of specialities, situated in the suburbs of Tripoli. The (...)
PISAM (Polyclinique Internationale Sainte-Anne-Marie) is the largest private hospital in Ivory Coast. It was established to provide (...)
The Foundation Children of Africa, presided by the First Lady Dominique Ouattara, projects to open a Mother and Child Hospital in (...)

Vision and Values

Our Vision

DENOS Health Mangement’s vision is to be the trusted international leader for excellence in health care management in a constantly changing environment. We will meet the unique needs of all our clients and be distinguished for the passion of our team and partners in providing quality, innovative services.

Our Values

Organizational Ethics: Guided by ethical values based on honesty, respect for all cultures, religions and individuals and integrity in all clinical and business (...)


DENOS Health Management’s mission is to provide health care organizations in France and around the world with commissioning, world class management and the latest consulting services for meeting specific and complex challenges specifically designed for individual needs.

We implement training and development based on the latest international standards to provide exceptional health care in diverse communities with the assistance of our French and international team of experts and (...)

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